Senator Bill Heffernan

The Video above is of Senator Heffernan giving his now famous speech.

On the 20th October 2015, Senator Heffernan spoke in Parliament, and brought to Australia’s attention official documents presented during both The Wood Royal Commission and again during the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.

Senator Heffernan stated that the files he had witnessed, contained police documents naming 28 high profile paedophiles, including a former Prime Minister and a Judge.

Each Royal Commission has terms of reference which define the issues it will look into and, according to Senator Heffernan, investigation into allegations contained in the documents naming the 28 people of interest, ceased when his proposal to add the institution of the law to the terms of reference was denied.

The Judge of the day said it was a “no go zone,” choosing not to investigate because it would cause the public to ‘lose confidence in the judiciary.’

Senator Heffernan said that the Royal Commission was about to explore the identity of members within the legal fraternity who had attended Costello's Boy Brothel in Kings Cross. However, after everyone had risen for morning tea, the Judge decided not to revisit the issue.

These documents, some of which were derived from private sessions held by The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, are suppressed from the public under an ACT, which requires them to remain confidential for 99 years after the conclusion of a Royal Commission.

It is important to note that more than 28 perpetrators were accused during the two Royal Commissions into child sexual abuse. However, the 28 whom Senator Heffernan focused on were individuals who according to him, operated in positions of authority, some of whom were apparently still practicing at the time of the Senator's speech.

See Sydney Morning Herald Article.

Further down in this article, we will highlight some other politicians and a doctor who tried to expose the same “V.I.P paedophile ring." Click here to to skip down to them now.

In 2016, Senator Heffernan described the list of 28 high-profile alleged pedophiles

“To give an idea of the intensity of this: the first person on the list is a former Prime Minister; the second person is a political party heavyweight; the next person is a very senior business person; the next person is a senior judge; the next person is a Supreme Court master; the next person is Justice Yeldham, who, sadly, has passed away. He should not have suicided. Everyone knew what he was up to. The next guy on the list is a local court magistrate; the next guy is a former president of the Law Society; the next one is John Marsden, who has passed away; the next one is a judge, the guy who used to go to Marcellin College; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a senior partner of a law firm; the next guy is a senior solicitor of a law firm; the next guy is a barrister's clerk—and so it goes on."

"I have talked about Costello's, the boy brothel, and Porky's. Some of the people who attended those are noted here. The police were on the payroll. They would ring up Costello's, the boy brothel, and say, 'We're coming to raid you.' They were being paid. I can name the coppers that were getting the money. The police are seriously compromised. For someone like me, who has all this knowledge, even though you could get smashed for talking about—it would be derogatory—I do not think it would be responsible to not try and do something about it.”

Source: Senate debates. Click here for the full statement.

In 2020, Andrew Wilkie addressed Parliament about the Suppression Orders

In 2020, Australians demanded a full and fair investigation into the suppression orders. A petition with 8,782 signatures was tabled in Parliament by Andrew Wilkie on 10th November. See the video above.
A new petition has been established through that has collected over 55,000 signatures. Click here if you wish to sign.

Below are a few examples of other reputable people who have tried to expose the same paedophile ring as Senator Heffernan:

MP Deirdre Grusovin

In Sydney, Australia, during the mid 1990s, politician Deirdre Grusovin complained about reports of a 'VIP Sydney pedophile ring', which implicated politicians, catholic churches, child protection services (DOCS), the education department, media moguls and entertainers. This was one of the factors that sparked a Royal Commission in the State of New South Wales. Read the news article from 2012 here.

On 1st December 1994, Grusovin used parliamentary privilege to air a statutory declaration by convicted pedophile Colin John Fisk, alleging that politician Frank Arkell and lawyer John Marsden were paedophiles.

Arkell was a long serving Mayor of Wollongong, who was brutally murdered in 1998 in a satanic ritual-like killing. It is interesting to note that in October 1996, politician Franca Arena asked in State Parliament whether Arkell was the person known to the Wood Royal Commission as “W1" regarding allegations involving paedophilia. The man who was convicted of killing Arkell told police that he had killed Arkell because he was a "very, very horrible man” and that he had known he was a paedophile. He also claimed that Arkell had seduced him. Some people speculate that the killer may have been a victim of a 'VIP paedophile ring’ as a child, of which Arkell and the other man he murdered, named O'Hearne, may have been a part of. This has never been substantiated.

John Marsden, who was also accused by the above mentioned Colin Fisk of being a paedophile, was a high profile lawyer who had successfully represented Ivan Milat on charges of rape in the 1970s. John Marsden was never held accountable, despite several witnesses coming forward with allegations of having been raped by him as children. Interestingly, one of his alleged victims who came forward was Les Murphy.

Murphy was one of the convicted killers of Anita Cobby, which was one of the most brutal and satanic-like killings in Australian history. Stephen Masters, a survivor of Daruk Boys' Home, which has been publicly exposed as a 'paedophile haven’ that allegedly trafficked boys to prominent people, says: "I was in Daruk Boys' Home in 1977 with Les Murphy. In 1979 when Ivan Milat attempted to sex traffick me and my two mates at Costello's Boys Club Kings Cross, Les Murphy was working behind the bar at Costello's at age 16.”

Could this explain Murphy’s vile actions and validate his accusations against Marsden, despite him being a monster himself? If so, it is no excuse for what he did to Anita Cobby, but perhaps offers an explanation for his disturbing actions.

Deirdre Grusovin is one of the people who assisted a woman named “Debra” who tried to get justice for her two children, whom she claimed had disclosed severe sexual and ritualistic abuse to her in the late 1980's. It was claimed that the abuse occurred at a Christian life centre, now known as Hillsong Church. To listen to Debra’s testimony, Click here.

To read more about the Wood Royal commission that Deirdre Grusovin was involved in, click here.

Politician Franca Arena

Senator Heffernan was preceded by another brave politician by the name of Franca Arena, who some may know as Australian singer, Tina Arena's, aunty.
Franca was ahead of her time, a whistleblower who warned us of the cover-up of paedophilia by politicians. Franca sold her own house to fund her campaign to support victims and attempt to expose the VIP paedophile ring.

She was a Labour politician in the NSW Upper House who gained national attention in 1996, when she named two people (retired Supreme Court Judge David Yeldham and former State MP Frank Arkell) as potential paedophiles.

An Upper House inquiry into her ‘‘conduct’’ resulted in a push to suspend her from Parliament, unless she apologised for alleging that a criminal conspiracy of politicians had covered up paedophilia. Arena refused, reading instead a ‘‘statement of regret’’, which angered her Labour colleagues but attracted enough Coalition and cross-bench support for her to serve out her full term.

Yeldham allegedly took his own life and Arkell was murdered in what could only be described as a horrific satanic ritual, as reported in this episode of Forensic Investigator. Click here to watch the episode which goes through the gruesome details of the crime scene, including satanic symbols drawn in blood on the walls.

Franca Arena tried to get Gordon Myers to publicly testify in the 1990s. He was her key witness and a survivor of ritual abuse.

Gordon Myers’ testimony at the Royal Commission revealed it was common for boys in ‘state care’ to be driven by staffers and then "prostituted" at "The Wall' at Darlinghurst or the notorious Costello's Brothel at King's Cross, which prominent Australians visited.

Myers and other survivors described a NSW pedophile ring running the boys institutions that captured, groomed and sold children to supply the demand of prominent Australians.

The government maintains these testimonies from the Royal Commissions have been withheld from the public to protect victims of crime. The reality is these survivors courageously came forward to share their stories with the public. They demanded justice and accountability. They expected a due investigation, not a cover-up.

To read more about Gordon Myers’ claims, click here.

Dr Reina Michaelson

Reina Michaelson, who holds a PhD in psychology, discovered through her work setting up a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, “a child pornography and paedophile ring that was operating in Australia, under the protection of senior-ranking members of Victoria Police."

According to Michaelson, the members of the network include senior management and executives from a major television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of pedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the Department of Education, directors of “child-focused” service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and others.

Ms Michaelson said that highly organised pedophile rings have been operating since at least the 1970s.

"The network hasn't stopped, it has just gotten more powerful," she said.

To read Dr Reina’s extensive account of events that led her to make these statements, click here.

Credit to Gabbi Choong from Truth Justice Freedom For Children for her research. You can find her on Facebook and Rumble She interviews many survivors.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

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