Do the risks outweigh the benefit?

Doctors and Scientists have been speaking out against the Covid pandemic, the treatment protocols, health mandate measures, Covid-19 vaccine, vaccine injuries and deaths for the last 3 years. They have either been fired, censored, publicly humiliated, de-registered, threatened or, in some cases, they are prematurely dead. - free download
Covid-19 Vaccine vials

Animal trials were showing a high percentage of injuries and death. These trials were practically skipped and the results hidden, as they rushed the experimental 'vaccines' (they are still classed as experimental therapy, not vaccines, at time of writing) through to the public distribution stage.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, the vaccine was not going through proper trials over a 5-7 year period, as would normally be expected. They were not proven to be safe or effective before being rushed through with a coercive push to be vaccinated, despite it being known that it was dangerous.

Scientific proof shows that if you get vaccinated first to prevent infection before having the natural virus, you will be worse off. Your physical effects to the natural virus after vaccination is much worse than if you would have had herd immunity naturally prior to vaccination. Even Dr Fauci stated this on camera.

Why Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective.

"Coronavirus mutates ahead of any vaccinal efforts we can make, and it always will. For example, the Wuhan variant was extinct in humanity 18 months ago; yet it still exists in all the vaccines, therefore continuing to spread it." (Dr Ryan Cole)

"Those who are vaccinated are becoming infected and reinfected, and with the boosters, the virus is continuing and will keep the pandemic going for many many years to come, making it more infectious and creating a far worse pandemic as variants evolve due to the boosters". (Dr Paul Alexander)

U.S. Senator. Ron Johnson Roundtable Discussion

Time stamps we consider as essential listening - from the above video:

  • Lt. Col. Theresa Long. US Department of Defence: 29.23mins - 31.50mins
  • Dr Ryan Cole: 32.55mins - 39.00mins
  • Dr Harvey Risch: 39.45mins - 41.32mins
  • Paul Marik, MD & Dr Pierre Kory: 46.00 mins - 51.02 mins
  • Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Paul Alexander: 52.10mins - 58.41mins
  • Dr Robert Mallone: 1.01.16 -1.06.12
  • Dr Janci Lindsay: Generational genealogy harms, reproductive harms 1.07.29 - 1.10.58
  • Dr Peter McCullough: 1.15.55 - 1.18.00
  • Del Bigtree: Exposes the lies told via Bill Gates, politicians & the media 1.32.49 - 1.37.43
  • Dr David Wiseman: Pregnancy dangers and reproductive issues 1.42.49 - 1.45.33
  • Dr David Gortler: 1.45.38 - 1.50.00
  • Dr Joel Wallskog, Vaccine-injured Surgeon: 2.03.31 - 2.08.34

Eric Clapton's experience with adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine

World Doctors Alliance have been speaking out for the last 3 years - many were censored and/or fired.

The errors made during the pandemic with treatment, masks, and vaccinations are having long-term, wide-ranging effects globally. The truths around Covid-19, its natural/unnatural origins, the patents, the effective treatments, and the side effects, have been hidden and secretive, so why the secret?

Is Covid-19 just about politics and wealth transfer rather than a real pandemic?

What's in the Vaccines?

According to multiple entomologists, immunologists, scientists, and doctors, there are aborted foetal cells from live abortions, cancer cells, HIV, graphene, parasites and nanobots in the vaccines, amongst other nefarious inclusions. Doctors have reported an explosion of cancers and heart damage after these injections, occurring even in healthy children. However, when these doctors speak out, they are threatened or have their labs shut down.

Dr Vernon Cole states that the WHO [World Health Organisation] says 'we do not yet know if the vaccine will stop you from getting Covid, or from passing it on'. He speaks of the numbers of adverse reactions and injuries that have affected people's ability to live a normal life.

The UK are trialling the mix and matching of vaccines. Could this then be a cocktail of side-effects with no way to trace back to the culprit? This appears to be a SNEAKY way to blur the lines of pinpointing the specific vaccine responsible for any adverse side effects.

It has been stated by Dr Fauci over the years that problems known as Hyper Immune enhancement can arise when you have had a vaccine, and then get the virus after that. As explained in the below video, 'The body does not perform well, it produces enhanced immune response - whole body inflammation, lung infections and death due to the binding antibodies. Binding antibodies are dangerous.' Might the same apply to the 'flu shot?

Immunity from liability was provided to pharmaceutical companies by the Australian Government and all other countries. Why? Did they know that there would be a high number of injuries due to the rushed nature of this vaccine?

Where was Informed Consent?

  • Were individuals told that it was an EXPERIMENTAL therapy?
  • Were they informed of all ingredients?
  • Were they provided with the FULL LIST of possible side-effects before consenting to the shot?
  • Were they asked about their medical history, and the contraindications depending on their medical condition, prior to being administered the shot?
  • Were they monitored for a couple of hours before being sent out the door?

Were YOU given all of this information before you consented? Did you even ask?

The other Hitchhikers in some of the Vaccines

Nanobots, hydra vulgaris (a parasite), super-conducting material (graphene), and self-assembling structures have been found in the vaccines by renowned Scientists. Watch the below video with Dr Carrie Madej.

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