Tim Roy's Statement read by Gabbi Choong

In this statement to the Sex Crimes Squad of the NSW Police, Tim Roy (whose father worked at the infamous Daruk Boys' Home, which was purportedly revealed to be a "paedophile haven") names some very famous radio announcers and a television personality as people who took boys out of Daruk on weekends to ritually sexually abuse them. Three of the people that Tim names are: Alan Jones, John Laws and John Singleton.

Tim Roy wasn’t the only person to make allegations against Jones

Excerpt as written in the Sydney Morning Herald regarding Alan Jones' time teaching at The King’s School from 1970-73:

“By 1973 Alan’s impassioned support of some and lack of empathy for others became too great an issue to be ignored. There was deepening anxiety about continued late-night excursions to Jones’s room. Chris Simkin was often in the room with Alan until late at night. “I was in there for hours. The door was never locked.” Simkin says they used to watch The Ernie Sigley Show on television.”

“Scott Walker, another constant visitor, began to feel violated. “If you had muscle strain he would insist on strapping your legs. He would take you into the shower and tell you to take your clothes off. I was shattered with awkwardness. It was weird and uncomfortable and seemed voyeuristic.”

“Housemate Brian Porter says: “I never saw a breach of fiduciary duty. I never saw evidence of predatory behaviour but he was manipulative and voyeuristic. He would love watching athletes on television and film. He saw the beauty of the human form in full flight. He loved the strength, the freshness and the vitality of boys.”

“Disquiet about Jones’s attachment to some boys grew during a term break when one of the masters found a letter, written by Jones to a boy, that had been left behind in a classroom desk. In it Alan spoke of thinking about the boy late at night, expressing his love. While love letters to boys were hardly appropriate, neither were they regarded as smoking gun evidence of misbehaviour.”

Click here to read more in an article from the Kangaroo Court Of Australia.

John Laws' questionable behaviour was reported in 2013

Article from 2013: Broadcaster John Laws is standing by a live interview in which he asked a woman whether the decade of sexual abuse she was subjected to was her fault.

Earlier this week, the 77-year old 2SM radio morning show host was speaking on air with a woman who said she was abused by five male family members, including her father and brothers, from the age of six to 16.

Controversy was sparked when Mr Laws asked the woman, now 44, whether she provoked the abuse or if it was "in any way your fault".

Mr Laws told AAP those were reasonable questions, as he was asking about when she was 15, not whether she was provocative at age six.

"I thought the line of questioning brought out the best facts of all," he said.

Mr Laws also said, "My God, they were having a good time with you" during the interview.

He has stood by all the comments and questions, saying the woman "was glad that it was able to be brought out”.

SOURCE: 9News Article

Tim Roy also named MP Gordon Moyes as a perpetrator

Gordon Moyes was a radio reverend on 2GB radio as well as having a career in politics.

2012 Article: "The Catholic Church's little-known treatment clinic for clergy with psychosexual problems harboured known paedophiles and shielded them from police scrutiny.

Whistleblowers closely involved with the now-defunct Encompass Australasia program allege paedophile clergy were diagnosed with a ''mood disorder'' so they could be treated at Sydney's Wesley Private Hospital and meet private health insurance criteria.

A well-placed source aware of the status of some clergy treated by Encompass Australasia between 1997 and 2008 said he believed several did not have a mood disorder but were ''cold and calculating criminals'' who bragged about their exploits with children to others while at the hospital.

MP Gordon Moyes, who as superintendent of the Wesley Mission in the late 1990s was closely involved with the Encompass Australasia program being set up at the Wesley Private Hospital".

SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald Article

A lengthy interview with Tim Roy who made horrific accusations against famous Australians

Adrian John Wells

Click on the image to open the video in a new tab or click here.

Adrian Wells is another Australian whistleblower, who came forward with historical child sexual abuse claims.

Wells also names some very famous people, including a recent Prime Minister of Australia (who was the Prime Minister at the time Adrian made this video). Adrian claims that prominent people are filmed with children and then blackmailed.

These same claims are also made by another Australian survivor named Rachel Vaughan. Click here to hear her claim.

Whistleblower Ashley Jewel claims child trafficking in Australia is not an historical issue

Ashley has done a series of mind-blowing interviews on trafficking networks here in Australia. She has recently made another report, and this video details the challenges, tactics and what whistleblowers are experiencing, as they fight against the system for justice.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
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Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:  admin@warriorsadvocacy.com.au

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