The video above is Rachel Vaughan's testimony to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) into human trafficking and child sex abuse in August 2018.

In Rachel's testimony, she alleges her father was part of an organised group of paedophiles in South Australia, which included people high up in the police force. Rachel has spoken to whistleblowers who say this ring is still in operation.

She claims that her father, Alan Maxwell McIntyre, and others known to her father were involved in the 1966 disappearance of the Beaumont children, and that members of South Australian police helped cover it up.

She speaks in length about her abuse, which she says involved satanic rituals and that she witnessed the murders of several children at the hands of this paedophile ring.

To listen to part of her father's confession which was broadcast after his death, click here.

There is currently a petition requesting for SAPOL to dig up the sink hole where Rachel alleges Jane, Arna and Grant Beaumont are buried. It currently has over 35,600 signatures. To sign this petition, click here.

Rachel claims that her father and his associates filmed powerful people committing crimes against children in order to blackmail them

In this short video, Rachel alleges powerful people are blackmailed by an organised network of criminals in order to be able to control people in the political, journalistic and academic arenas to push their agendas.

She says that not all people being filmed were willing participants. Another survivor of this alleged pedo-criminal cartel, Adrian John Wells, makes very similar claims to Rachel. To view his testimony, click here.

Rachel's Brother corroborates her story

Andrew McIntyre and his siblings have put their life on the line to expose multiple murders and mutilations, allegedly perpetrated by their father, whose organised pedo-criminal ring involved police officers, they say. They claim this ring is still in operation today.

Andrew's testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on the 6th of August, 2018.

Rachel Vaughan's father’s confession

Today Tonight, 2017

Rachel says: "My father Alan Maxwell McIntyre has long been a person of interest in this abduction, as has his good mate - thrice convicted paedophile, Anthony Munro."

"On the 19th of June 2017, six days after his death, my father’s 2015 (Advertiser) confession made headline news. That confession alleged that Munro brought the three dead Beaumont children to our Edwardstown home on the day they went missing, corroborating the allegations of my two surviving half-siblings".

A shorter version of Rachel Vaughan's testimony

In September 2023, Rachel participated in a documentary called 50 Voices, where 50 survivors of ritual abuse from all over the world have come together to tell their horrific stories. To listen to these survivors, whose testimonies are eerily similar to Rachel's, please go to the 50 Voices website. More survivor testimonies are added each week.

To hear more from Rachel, follow her on Rumble or Bitchute.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
Head Office:
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Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW, 2450

Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:

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