The Mullighan Inquiry was an inquiry into the sexual abuse and deaths of South Australian children in State care, and was conducted between 2004 and 2008. 

On 1st April 2008, the South Australian Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry report was tabled in State Parliament.

Commissioner Ted Mullighan QC led the associated inquiry which included 1,592 allegations of sexual abuse, and the investigation of the deaths of 924 children in State care.

To read the official Report, click here.

Ted Mullighan stated:

"Nothing prepared me for the foul undercurrent of society revealed in the evidence to the Inquiry; not my life in the community or my work in the law as a practitioner and a judge. I had no understanding of the widespread prevalence of the sexual abuse of children in South Australia and its frequent devastating and often lifelong consequences for many of them".

It is interesting to note that Australian child sexual abuse survivor, Rachel Vaughan, has spoken in great detail about a highly organised paedophile ring that she witnessed growing up in South Australia. She claims this paedophile ring had infiltrated many organisations and institutions extending beyond just the State care institutions.

Sadly, this is not a historical issue - children in State care are still being abused

Below are some current issues affecting children in state care:

2021: Children are going missing out of State care

In the above video, Nick Wakeling MP is speaking in Parliament in 2021 about how children are being groomed and abducted from Victoria's Child Protection Residential Care Unit. Police have confirmed that networks of paedophiles circle these units, and move from unit to unit targeting children in care.

July 2023: There are 5 sex abuse reports a week in Victorian Child Protection

"More than 20 vulnerable children living in state care are reporting allegations of abuse each week – including more than five each week reporting sexual abuse. Between January and March this year (2023) there were 322 incidents of abuse reported by children being cared for by the state, including 76 allegations of sexual abuse."

How many abuses go unreported?

Social engineering of suffering and lack ensures networks have access to vulnerable children through ‘child services’, hospitals, state care, organisations and community housing.

SOURCE: The Age News Article

March 2022: Indigenous children are being disproportionately removed from parents

41% of our original children are in the ‘state care’ system. This is despite Aboriginal children only making up 6% of Australia’s under-18 population.

There are so many incidents of children being taken and never seen or heard of again, with no paperwork or proper recording.

There are thousands of children being held hostage.

It’s a story that has been repeated for generations of Aboriginal families in Australia, and it’s still happening today.

Megan Davis, a Cobble Cobble woman, constitutional lawyer and public law expert, examined the case files of 1,144 Aboriginal children between 2015 and 2016.

Her findings, released in 2019, described a system not only in deep chaos, but often in breach of its own laws. The report found that at times “children who did not appear to be at risk of harm were removed from their families” by department caseworkers who “regularly” provided “false or misleading” evidence to the children’s court.

SOURCE: The Guardian News Article

October 2023: Government rejects Royal Commission into the abuse of Aboriginal children

In October 2023, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians, Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, called for Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, to hold a Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of Aboriginal children - which was voted down by multiple Senators. “I find it just unfathomable still that this has occurred,” she told Sky News host, Paul Murray.

How Victoria's Family Services 'roundabout' failed 35 children

Victoria's Commission for Children and Young People tabled a report called 'Lost, Not Forgotten' in State Parliament. It examines the stories of 35 Victorian children who died from suicide, despite coming into contact with the child protection system in the year before their deaths.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
Head Office:
PO Box 6886,
Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW, 2450

Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:

Facebook Page: Warriors Advocacy

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