Wilfred Wong is a former U.K. barrister and human rights activist, and is a strong advocate for satanic ritual abuse (SRA) survivors.

In 2020, he was imprisoned for 17 years along with five others for attempting to help a mother rescue her young child from alleged satanic ritual abuse, which was purportedly committed by the father and others known to the father. The child’s disclosures to his mother and others over several years, suggested that the father may have been involved in a child abuse ring.

The media portrayed these people, who say they were rescuing the child, as criminals, but failed to mention important details that led up to their desperate actions.

The initial investigating police officer who was working with the child appeared to believe the young child's disclosures, and there was plenty of material supplied by the child that seemed to indicate that the young boy was in serious danger.

Some of this material consisted of video interviews with the boy, 400 pages of the boy’s disclosures, concerning drawings made by the child, which were analysed by a qualified art therapist and were, in her expert opinion, indicative of abuse.

The initial investigating officer that had worked with the child had gone on medical leave, but the child kept making new disclosures to new investigators and support workers. As the disclosures became more extreme, the mother was accused of coaching the child, and he was placed into foster care. He was in the process of being placed back into the care of the man he had accused of hurting him, whom he was reportedly terrified of. This is when Wilfred, the mother of the child and four others stepped in. They wholeheartedly believed that the child was in danger and that they could no longer rely on the authorities to protect the child. They felt helpless and desperate to keep him safe so they decided to take matters into their own hands and take the child from his foster carer before he could be returned to the alleged abuser.

It is hard to imagine what any loving parent would do in a situation where a child makes such horrific disclosures of abuse. One of the disclosures the child made was that his abuser was wearing a "devil mask” and that they had "injected him and other children.” Very similar accusations were made by victims of the recently prosecuted Glasgow child abuse ring, where the accused were found guilty of those crimes, amongst other depraved acts that they committed on children.
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The arrest of Wilfred Wong

This video gives a brief overview of the arrest of former Barrister, Wilfred Wong, in 2020.

Wilfred Wong’s humanitarian work and evidence of child abuse

The above video gives a summary of Wilfred’s humanitarian work over the decades, and also details what prompted Wilfred and the others to feel that the child needed rescuing.

An interview with Wilfred Wong

Here is an interview between Wilfred Wong and ex-police detective Jon Wedger.

Wilfred discusses the persistence of SRA in the U.K. and the high-profile figures that have been implicated in the sexual and ritualistic abuse of children.

Wilfred speaks of the good work of MP Geoffrey Dickens, who first brought the issue of SRA to the House of Commons in 1994, and the evidence that motivated Wilfred to fight for victims of SRA.

Is there evidence of Ritual Abuse in the U.K?

Yes, there is. In November 2023, eight out of 11 accused members of a child abuse ring were found guilty of abusing children in crimes described as plunging the “depths of human depravity."

"Over a two-month trial at Glasgow High Court last year, jurors heard horrifying details of their crimes, including the attempted murder of a girl who was put in a microwave, forced to eat dog food, and hung by her clothes from a nail, as well as being chased by people wearing a devil mask on various occasions between 2015 and 2019.”

The children were also said to be drugged and given alcohol. 
Source: Article.

It is interesting to note that in November 2014, 'The Express' newspaper published an article revealing that charities in the U.K. were claiming that the satanic ritual abuse of children was rife and that “the existence of such terrifying cults is said to have gone unchecked in Scotland for decades, with victims facing skepticism and outright disbelief.”

This raises the question of how many more people have spoken out about this form of abuse but have not been believed? 
Source: Article.

Dr Joan Coleman's R.A.I.N.S List

Dr Coleman was a therapist who had a system of documenting names disclosed by survivors that she had treated in her capacity as a therapist.

If two or more SRA survivors, independent of one another, implicated an individual in satanic ritual abuse, Dr Coleman recorded them on a list that is now known as the R.A.I.N.S. list. This stands for 'Ritual Abuse Information Network Support.’

Quite a few of the people recorded on the list have gone on to be convicted of child abuse, including Peter Tobin, Wyatt Anderson and Police surgeon, Dr Robert Wells.

There were many accusations made against Politician Sir Cyril Smith who is recorded on the list, but he was never prosecuted.

Lord Mandelson, who is on the list, was later revealed as having a close association with convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

A very high profile name on this list is U.K. former Prime Minister Edward Heath, who passed away before many of the alleged victims came forward.

To view the list of names by Dr Coleman which includes some very prominent people, click here.

Previous cases that have been successfully prosecuted in the U.K:

  • NOVEMBER 1982 - On 9 November 1982, Malcolm and Susan Smith and Albert and Carole Hickman, were convicted in Telford, Shropshire, for a series of sexual and physical assaults against children during the course of satanic rituals. Malcolm Smith carved an inverted cross on one child’s abdomen and branded her genitals with a red-hot altar knife. 
  • AUGUST 1990 - On 8 August 1990, Reginald Harris was convicted at Worcester Crown Court after admitting to two specimen charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl and her younger sister. Harris told his victims he was a Satanist high priest. The children were terrified into submission by Harris’s satanist rituals. He had drawn up a satanist “coven contract of marriage” to the older girl. 
  • MARCH 2011 - On March 11, 2011, Colin Batley, the leader of a Satanist coven, was convicted at Swansea Crown Court of more than 20 sexual offences against children including 11 rapes. He and other satanists had ritually abused children in Kidwelly, Wales, where their coven was based. The children, some as young as 11, were subjected to “organised and systematic” abuse by Batley, his wife and two women coven members. Jacqueline Marling, 42, was jailed for 12 years for aiding and abetting rape, causing prostitution, indecency with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Batley’s wife Elaine, 47, was jailed for eight years on three charges of indecency with a child and sexual activity with a child. Shelly Millar, 35, was jailed for five years for indecency with a child and inciting a child to engage in sex. A fifth defendant, Vincent Barden, 70, admitted assaulting an under-age girl.
  • FEBRUARY 1989 - On February 9, 1989, Winchester Crown Court sentenced a sixty-year-old engineer to twelve years’ imprisonment on two charges of incest with one of his five daughters. The man, who was described in court as a practising Satanist, had fathered several children by his own daughter. To one of them, to whom he was both father and grandfather, he later committed acts of gross indecency and indecent assault. He made his daughter pregnant no less than five times. She had two miscarriages, a still-birth and a normal child. Another was profoundly mentally and physically handicapped. He claimed to have been “instructed by the spirits” to have sex with his daughter. When police arrested the man at his home in Fareham near Portsmouth, they found a small room in the bungalow that he described as his “magic room”. There were occult symbols on the floor and on the walls, and occult and witchcraft books. They also found a black priest’s robe and an altar. On it were phials of oil used in sex rituals. He pleaded not guilty to charges of incest with his four other daughters.
  • DECEMBER 1987- In 1987, Andrew Newell was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing his best friend in what was regarded by the police as a Satanist ritual. Newell stabbed Philip Booth five times around the heart. A murder charge was later reduced to manslaughter. Books on the occult and occult symbols were found in his room, with the words Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial. Timothy Barnes QC, told the court that Newell’s record box had been used as a makeshift black magic altar. It was covered with bloody fingerprints and a smear of Philip Booth’s blood. “When police opened the box they found a lot of material associated with the supernatural,” he said, “including candles that had been lit and a white-handled knife.”
  • JULY 1987 - On 23 July 1987, Brian Williams was convicted at London’s Central Criminal Court for the sexual abuse of 15 girls and boys. He assaulted his victims on an altar dedicated to Satan and forced them to abuse each other. The rituals were performed with a Satanist pentagram drawn on the floor in blood. 
  • JULY 1992 - On 3 July 1992, a 57-year-old Satanist was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing his niece. He had raped his victim two or three times per week between the ages of 10 and 12. The Court also heard details of a “black magic room” where the abuser kept an altar and ritual equipment. When the child was 12 she became pregnant, and was required by her uncle to give birth in that room. The victim was terrified by her uncle’s satanist rituals. He threatened to rape her younger sister and kill her pets if she ever spoke of the abuse. On one occasion he snapped the neck of one of her pets in front of her and drowned another. Judge Dennis Clark told the man: “Your fascination with the occult or devil-worship played a part in impelling you towards this evil behaviour.” 
  • DECEMBER 2012 - Two members of a Witches’ coven in St. Ives, Cornwall, were convicted at Truro Crown Court in December 2012 for their “ritualistic, sickening” sex abuse of young girls. Jailing Jack Kemp for 14 years and Peter Petrauske for 18, Judge Graham Cottle told them: “The offences range from the extremely serious to the truly horrifying.” The judge said that the scars left on the victims were so obvious “that it would seem extremely unlikely that either of them have any real prospect of recovery.” Petrauske was convicted of rape, aiding and abetting an attempted rape, and indecent assault. Kemp was convicted of 10 sexual offences.
  • JULY 1988 - On 25 July 1988, Hazel Paul, a 28 year old mother of three, was jailed for 5 years at the Old Bailey. Paul was convicted of falsely imprisoning a 15-year-old girl and inflicting on her grievous bodily harm during satanic rituals. She also hypnotised the girl and encouraged a male friend to sexually abuse her. The jury heard a 15-year-old boy describe how Paul had ordered him to cut and carve the girl during rituals which also involved placing lighted candles on or around the victim’s vagina. Two other defendants were convicted with Paul of the assaults. The jury heard, and accepted by convicting, the explicit details of Paul’s satanic rituals.
  • AUGUST 1989 - Peter MacKenzie was sentenced at St. Albans Crown Court in August 1989 to 15 years in prison for 4 rapes and 17 other sexual assaults against 13 juvenile girls. His victims were as young as 6. An accomplice, John Baxter-Taylor, pleaded guilty to one charge of indecent assault and was sentenced to 15 months in prison. The court heard how MacKenzie told his victims he was ‘Asmodeus’, an historic satanic name principally associated with 19th Century French Satanism, and made them recite prayers dedicated to him. MacKenzie had sexual intercourse with girls aged 6 and 7 by promising them magic powers. MacKenzie said they could become witches in his magic circle. He terrified his victims by warning them that unless they took part in the rituals and kept silent about the abuse they would die. All the children had to undergo counselling and psychiatric help, which was expected to last for several years.
    Source: Article.

The England Metropolitan Police Service publicly acknowledges the existence of satanic ritual abuse and that it is under-reported:

"Abuse linked to faith or belief is where concerns for a child’s welfare have been identified, and could be caused by, a belief in witchcraft, spirit or demonic possession, ritual or satanic abuse features; or when practices linked to faith or belief are harmful to a child.

Any abuse that takes place against those who are branded (or labelled) either as a witch or as having been possessed by an evil spirit is unacceptable. Significant harm (including murder) can occur because of concerted efforts to ‘excise’ or ‘deliver’ evil from a child (or vulnerable adult).

From our own experience and in consultation with communities, we know this kind of abuse is under-reported.

Spotting the signs that this abuse exists can prevent escalation from ‘subtle’ harms that may often go unnoticed by many, to ‘extreme’ situations where there is loss of life. Witchcraft beliefs are used to blame a person (rather than circumstances) for misfortune that happens in life."

Source: website.

A letter from Wilfred Wong

This letter was received via a U.K correspondent who is in communication with Wilfred:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your support. Words cannot sufficiently describe how helpful all your support is In fighting against Satanic Ritual Abuse, we are engaged in a war against Pure Evil. The Satanists who do SRA, want to impose their horrific, twisted values and savagery across the world. Not since the attempt by the Nazis to control the world, has there been such a diabolical and devastating threat to humanity. My case and that of my Co-defendants has contributed to publicising the reality of SRA worldwide. The fact that I have so far received letters of support from people in eleven different countries is one indication of this. Please let us continue to use my case to strike a major blow against Satanic Ritual Abuse. Love is a verb, and love has to be put into living, practical action with God’s enabling power. In the end Love will definitely triumph over the evil of SRA and Satanism. I urge you to remain in the fight against Satanism with me, for as long as is needed. We owe this sacred duty to continue fighting, to God, to children and to humanity. Remember this verse from the Bible: “Therefore my dear brethren, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)

Warmest regards, Wilfred Wong

To browse Wilfred’s website that is being maintained by his supporters, please go to www.casra.org. uk

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  • You will be emailed pre-written letters to forward to four government ministers (email addresses supplied).

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