This article is a collection of videos featuring whistleblowers who are speaking out about their horrendous experiences with child protective services, members of the police force and the family courts.

Dr Russell Pridgeon

Dr Pridgeon speaking to the media about his case:

There are many cases being reported all over the world, about the Family Court system failing children by placing them in the custody of the alleged abusive parent, and leaving the protective parent helpless.

Founder of the Australian 'Anti-Paedophile Party', Dr Pridgeon, was initially charged with child stealing, alongside several other people. His child stealing charges have now been dropped. However, he is still being dragged through the courts.

A mother whose young twins had allegedly disclosed that their father was sexually abusing them, reported the abuse to police. The mother claims to have medical evidence, which Dr Pridgeon and others have seen.

The mother was expecting help from the authorities and child protective services. However, she found herself being vilified as someone who had coached her children to lie.

This resulted in her losing custody of her twins, and being allocated supervised visitation. During supervised visits, the twins continued disclosing abuse, and had disclosed to around 14 people in total. Dr Pridgeon tells us that only one of the witnesses to the children's disclosures was ever interviewed by the Australian Federal Police.

The mother, who felt completely helpless to protect her twins, fled with them for four years. At some point during that time, she engaged Dr Pridgeon's help, as he had been their doctor prior to them fleeing.

Dr Pridgeon has written a book called 'Everybody Knows', where he details the cover-ups and corruption that he claims to have experienced throughout his Court proceedings. You can purchase the book here if you are interested.

This is very similar to the case of a grandmother who had full custody of her grandchild, and alleges she was told by the child that the father and the father's friends were sexually abusing him during visitations. When she went to authorities, instead of receiving help, she says she was treated like a criminal and a liar. The grandmother fled with her child and was caught. This resulted in her being made to wear an ankle monitor for two years, and she was helpless to stop the abuse by the alleged perpetrating father and his friends.

Recently another woman in the Northern Territory had a very similar experience, when her child allegedly disclosed horrific abuse to her. These stories are told in the videos below.

Did you know that Australia has the highest reported rate for child sexual abuse of girls internationally at 21.5%. (Stoltengorgh, Van Ijzendoorn, Euser & Bakersman-Kranenburg, 2011).

What does the research tell us about child sexual abuse disclosures?

It tells us there are very few false allegations of child sexual abuse. O’Donohue and colleagues’ (2018) critical review of false allegations of child sexual abuse found that across multiple studies, rates of false allegations usually fell in the range of 2-5%. SOURCE: Bravehearts

Former Lawyer and Whistleblower - Serene Teffaha

Serene Teffaha condemns the Family Court system and demands significant changes to be made. As a whistleblower lawyer, Serene talks about some of the unimaginable things she has witnessed with her clients, and the paedophilia that she says is rife in Australia.

A Mother's Story with Laura Hinks

Laura Hinks is a mother who says she has been persecuted and criminalised for protecting her child from alleged abuse. She says she innocently brought forward her daughter's disclosures, only to have her children confiscated by the police and child protection within 78 hours, without proper investigation.

We also hear from Serene Teffaha, where she shares her insight's on how the charges of child abduction are being enforced. If the Northern Territory police are successful in the execution of these charges, Laura will face up to 15 years imprisonment. This is unfortunately happening to many families in Australia, where children are often returned to the abuser. We must continue to shine the light on the corruption in the system and inspire others to speak out.

David Cole “Lurnpa"

Lurnpa highlights another case from 2022 where there is alleged medical evidence of the sexual abuse of a child, and the mother is again accused of coaching the child to lie. Lurnpa claims he has witnessed a lot in his thirty years of working in youth services.

State-sanctioned child abduction?

Here is another case of a child who disclosed sexual abuse by the father. The child was first believed by child protective services and police, who all substantiated the abuse.

The father then applied for full custody through the Family Court, and the child was re-interviewed by a police officer who was new to the case. The police officer claimed that there was no evidence of abuse by the father. As a result of this, the child was sent back to live with the father, against the child's wishes.

The mother and child endured four years of supervised visits until contact was completely severed. This all transpired despite 10 signed affidavits from family and friends attesting to what a wonderful mother she was to her child.

Note: We acknowledge that there are also abusive mothers who take children from protective fathers.

Systemic abuses in the Family Court

Mary speaks about parents who are denied seeing their children, despite not doing any harm to them. Mary also speaks about parents reportedly being given Orders preventing them from taking a child to the doctor, police, or a psychologist.

It is reported that judges have deliberately delayed residency proceedings for years, often favouring pedophiles. There appears to be no accountability for those parents that lie and perjure themselves, nor the magistrates and judges who have made decisions that are detrimental and sometimes fatal to children.

A Current Affair exposes the failings of the Family Court

In this video, a 12-year old girl speaks about how she was returned to her abusive parent by The Family Court of Australia.

The Child Protection Racket

A talk on the failures of Child Protection in Australia at the Freedom Party of Victoria meeting on 3rd October 2023.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
Head Office:
PO Box 6886,
Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW, 2450

Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:

Facebook Page: Warriors Advocacy

3 comments on “There are currently people accusing the family court of colluding with members of child protective services and police to traffick children to abusers in Australia”
  1. Thank you so much for this amazing website. This is Serene Teffaha. I would like to link with the organiser of the website please as I am about to launch The Children’s Commission. My mobile is 0425754299.

  2. I am so thankful that Dr Russell, Patrick and Ann's 'circus act' ambush case today has been fairly and justly dismissed.
    My daughters case is a blue print of the twins mothers case where CPIU's 93A investigation with the 3y o child, in 2015, immediately "unfounded" Child Safetys 2x Substantiation Notifications of Child sexual abuse including 13x Child Concern Reports re the fathers domestic violence dating back to 2013 which overtly lead the court to error - with intent to justify disrupting the mother/child bond and a wrongful change of custody in 2017.
    My daughter and grandaughter have been supervised in a children's contact centre service (CCC) costing thousands of dollars per annum, plus child support to the father for the past 7 years and counting until 2030 when the child turns 18.
    There are no checks or balances re: indefinate CCC services lest the public find out how draconian and punitive this paedophile protecting service really is- in the child and her mothers paramount worst interests.
    I wish to put my name down join Serene Teffaha's much needed Childrens Commission/ class Action. We systemically abused mothers, grandmothers and entire families need to expose the unwarranted, unlawful, forced removal of children from parents/mothers in Australia via secret closed "star chamber" style childrens courts. The cruelty imposed on these families is indescribable and largely remains hidden from the public.

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