For decades, Australians have watched in horror and disbelief as the tiers of government sell off our agricultural land, our large food production companies, Australian manufacturing icons, our utilities, our natural resources and, lately, our ports to foreign interests.

Naturally, people have concerns over national security, food and water security, and that foreign interests are allowed to own so much of our country's land and resources.

We know it is for economic benefit to the government's coffers, but that we, the people, certainly don't benefit from it.

In fact, it places Australians in a predicament - one that could see us at the mercy of transnational corporations, should a physical war come near our shores, or should global shortages continue.

Which Masters do our Politicians serve?

Our politicians have been selling out our country for decades, their sole interest being economic growth - not for us the people, but for their own power, our position on the global stage, and financial interests.

They have gone so far as to sell Australia out to the World Economic Forum's global interests and control.

This materialises through trading off our country, placing citizens under global governance rulership, and allowing foreign interests to control our resources and assets.

Are you going to keep quiet about this, and watch our country and sovereignty be handed over to global elites on a silver platter?

Foreign ownership of our resources and national security concerns

Vales Point Power Station sell out to Czech Republic

Vales Point owner Trevor St Baker sees fortune rocket.

Ever wondered about the percentage of Foreign Ownership of Australia, and how citizens may face shortages due to these foreign entities putting their people first? This small peek will blow your mind.

China increases their foreign ownership of agricultural land

China has been unashamedly expanding their ownership of foreign agriculture and food supplies.

However, with food supply and security becoming an increasingly discussed topic, why are countries like Australia allowing this sell-off to international interests, and not just China?

China openly discusses their activities in this arena, and we were able to source this eye opening document from Nikkei, which clearly shows that China’s population is still so large it needs to import nearly a quarter of the total food it consumes.

This is achieved not only through trade purchases, but through the ownership of agricultural land in countries other than their own. You can subscribe to the Nikkei website for full access to a range of articles.

4 comments on “Australia - The Sovereign Continent now just an economic commodity - SOLD”
  1. We need to buy directly from farmers. We need to support our farmers. The same goes for wineries that are not owned by the Chinese. I buy my meat from they are a group of organic farners that have banded together and will deliver to your door. They have grass fed cattle, pigs and sheep. and have now also gone into the Dairy produce department and the Fisheries. We need and have got to support our own people. The government of the day won't they all tow the line to the UN and the WEF.

  2. It is treason to sell what is not theirs to sell. The people own Australia and its resources, so charge them all with treason, cancel the contracts of sale, confiscate their assets. That’s just the beginning.

  3. Di you know that the 1901 annotated Commonwealth constitution of Australia still exist. It never went away, in 1973 when we were sold out, it was just shoved aside, and know one was told about it. The corporation separated itself from it.
    We still have our constitution, they removed it from education so we wouldn't know about our greatest weapon against these bastards.

  4. It's so bad that gov have sold us out,I use to work on a cattle property in scenic rim in qld that was owned by shieks,they also own 1 mil plus acres around Alice Springs,and shopping malls on hold coast.we own this land besides the fact gov is illegal,everything they do is illegal,there's soany constitutional laws broken and international also.Australians have had enough,relieve the gov of there jobs,there committing treason ,and selling our country to highest buying,they have distroyed this country

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