A short video of Altiyan's claims about the secret society of Freemasonry

Australian musical sensation, Altiyan Childs, who won X-Factor in 2010 and went on to top the charts, exposes what he alleges he knows about the secret society of freemasonry, having been a freemason himself.

He talks about how the higher levels of freemasonry are allegedly a front for Satanism. He speaks about disturbing rituals involving children, and how people in powerful positions, including celebrities, are involved.

Freemasonry has many degrees, and it is alleged that most of the lower degree masons likely have no idea about what goes on at the higher degrees. Lower level masons are often great humanitarians, which could present as a great front for those who may be part of a criminal cartel at the higher levels of power.

This is similar to the police force, churches, charities and other organisations - where there are people who are doing their jobs with the best of intentions, unaware of what allegedly transpires at the upper echelons.

Full video of Altiyan's claims

Altiyan is a devout Christian. If you are not religious yourself, please do not let his references to God and Jesus deter you from the information he supplies.

What he says may explain a lot of the satanic ritual abuse claims made by many witnesses, across many decades already covered on this website.

There are many more survivors and whistleblowers from all over the world, that we have not been able to include due to the sheer magnitude of the information out there. However, you can search for more information on Bitchute, Rumble or Odysee (some of the media platforms that are not heavily censored).

You may also like to have a look at the website 50 Voices, where fifty survivors of alleged ritual abuse have spoken out from all over the world. New stories are added weekly.

Unmasking Freemasonry

New Zealand Author, Dr Selwyn Stevens, whose father was a freemason, speaks on all things masonic. According to Dr Stevens, many police and politicians are involved in freemasonry.

He speaks about masonic symbols, and how they are used in architecture around the world. He also talks about the rituals they partake in, and features a survivor who claims she was ritually abused by freemasons as a child.

Fiona Barnett also speaks about freemasonry in her latest 2022 Interview. Click here to watch.

Have you noticed any masonic symbolism in your neighbourhood? The checkerboard pattern is displayed on the floor of masonic lodges, and also coincidently on Australian police vehicles and buildings.

The aerial view of the Melbourne Children’s Hospital looks a lot like a masonic square and compass, and many apps we use each day display a striking resemblance to masonic and/or satanic symbols.

Popular apps
Melbourne Children's Hospital

Celebrities and Satanic symbolism

Are the music and entertainment industries using propaganda to condition people without them being consciously aware of it? This video explores celebrities who use very obvious satanic and occult symbolism.

The Truth Will Set You Free - By Dawn Kelly

Freemason control is just part of the puzzle. To put things into greater perspective, here is a four-part documentary by Dawn Kelly which explains the purported involvement of the Vatican, the United Nations and other organisations, both in Australia and globally.

Part 1: 11:09 minutes

Part 2 A: 20:51 minutes

Part 2 B: 23:25 minutes

Part 3: 18:58 minutes

This video has been taken off YouTube. To view this video, right-click on the image below and it will open an external link, or click here.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
Head Office:
PO Box 6886,
Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW, 2450

Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:  admin@warriorsadvocacy.com.au

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