Now that you know, will you make the same choice?

Oxygen deprivation from prolonged mask wearing inhibits T-lymphocytes – the main immune cells that fight infection. What you are using to protect yourself, actually harms you.

In addition, hypoxia (too little oxygen) or hypercapnia (too much carbon dioxide) in the blood can lead to fainting, headaches, lack of concentration – leading to accidents, an increased heart rate, and respiratory infections due to breathing in bacteria and moisture.

In addition to the many side effects of mask wearing, dentists are seeing increased dental and oral health issues. In this article, Marc Sclafani, dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental, told the New York Post about “mask mouth” increasingly causing inflammation and gum disease among patients. Our dental health is related to heart health - a serious concern for both adults and children.

Cause and effect

Other health issues relating to decrease in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide from mask wearing, have been a topic of study for decades. Unfortunately, many such studies were censored when they opposed the advice given by health ministers and politicians through the Covid era.

  • Increases in oral thrush
  • Candida growth
  • Bacterial skin infections
  • Bacterial pneumonia,
  • Respiratory infections
  • Heart and lung issues
  • Decreased brain function.
  • Delayed language and cognitive development

Masks - Clinical evidence and sound scientific studies

A study was carried out regarding the ineffectiveness of masks by Cochrane Library, a medical research organisation. The data was collated into this informative video by The Model Health Show.

The video shows various medical and psychology studies on mask wearing from a health and psychological viewpoint. Highlights of the video: The dangers of mask-wearing, danger to children, and the underlying psychological reasoning for wearing a mask without doing some independent research on its effects first.

"... we exhibit cognitive bias towards whether to follow 'recommendations', as cognitive bias is contagious due to social constructs, influential ideology and influential group think..."

"... the media designed the masks and covid propaganda that way, so that you were more likely to jump on the bandwagon, instead of going against the recommendations even though you knew it wasn't healthy to follow them."

"It takes courage to stand in your truth and do the research rather than going along with the propaganda and the crowd..." (The Model Health Show Watch the video here)

Using celebrity status to manipulate the masses

People have followed the information that has been politicalised and emotionalised through paid media, manipulative celebrities and influencers and leaders with an agenda. This has lead to a group-think, cult-like following and collective virtue-signalling. It's not too late to become informed with non-biased research.

New research is showing that cloth masks may be increasing the aerosolisation of the SARS-COV-2 virus into the environment, causing increased transmission of the disease. Furthermore, inhaling water droplets from your breath over time is increasing bacterial pneumonia.

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