Did you know... That we are Being Conned with Climate Figures?

All over the media you may have noticed "shocking" graphs and data
sending us into Global Warming frenzy.

But Let's Take A Closer Look

Here's the Data Everyone in the Media is Using...

Click to View Full Sized Image

It was taken from NASA's GISS Data and MAGNIFIED in a deliberately misleading way, in hundreds, if not thousands, of articles all over the media

... and THIS is the Real Graph

Click to view Full Sized Image

So What is The Magicians Trick?

They simply removed all of the data below 56 degrees and magnified the graph ...

... Instead of Starting at Zero ...

... See The Bait and Switch?

This is going on everywhere.

All you need to do, is open your eyes!

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics!

If you don't believe us, here, you can download and examine
the same data and make the same spreadsheet here for yourself

(Original Data source: NASA)

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