Enjoy The Show 2022

Enjoy The Show is not only a work of art. It's a defining documentary that tells you 'almost' everything you need to understand in order to open your eyes, and the eyes of your fellow Australians.

It is the truest thing you will see. Everything in this documentary cannot be "fact checked" out of existence.

If you are uber-eager, you can skip Tore's introduction, but we not only suggest you listen to it, but you relisten, and if you still don't get it, listen to it again, until you understand every word and the gravity of what she is saying. This edition of the video, is a de-programming version of sorts.

If you find your mind wondering off, go back. Many things your ears are simply not ready to hear. Our pre-disposition to 'zone out' certain things is deliberate. This edit of "Enjoy The Show" is a de-programming edit of sorts.

"The worst crime we could commit in the eyes of God,
is to know, and do nothing. "

Someone Who is Wiser Than I am

Please contact us if you would like access to the full 1080p version of this documentary.

2 comments on “DOCUMENTARY : Whistle Blower and 3 letter Agency Insider, Tore, Releases The 'Definitive' Wake-Up Video of the Year. Get Popcorn. Enjoy The Show!”
  1. I would like to access the full doc please. Thank you . I have not stopped spreading truth since my blindfold fell of. Time to GET UP STAND UP!!!!!!

    1. Hi. The full documentary is what is shown in the article, it says to contact us if you would like to view the documentary in a higher resolution as it has been uploaded at a lower quality 🙂

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