Riccardo Bosi, National Leader of AustraliaOne Party, encourages and exhorts Australians in this short video to take back our sovereignty and independence.

The United States of America celebrates the anniversary of their Declaration of Independence from Great Britain every 4th of July since 1776.

Australia needs to declare our independence also, but from a much bigger enemy (Global Corporations, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum), and Mr Bosi is absolutely confident we can do this. We must believe we can win, and our strong resilient Aussie character will ensure we do.


Our Australian 'army' will not fight with force or weapons, but via the conduit of law and reason, and with the consent of the Australian people.

It is only through the informed consent of the governed, does any leadership draw its legitimacy and its authority.

Riccardo Bosi

We know that informed consent has been non-existent for decades, and that our Government has chosen to be unaccountable to us, their employers, particularly in relation to the recent vaccine rollouts, during which no informed consent was given. We have let them get away with it, and it is very encouraging to see Australian leaders like Riccardo Bosi coming to the forefront at this time to assist Australians in gaining our own independence!

4 comments on “Australia Can Learn a Lesson from The United States' Declaration of Independence in 1776”
  1. Hi from NZ. I have been awake since end 2019, and more recently following AustraliaOne. I have long thought the American system had positive application for NZ. Much of our local channels are very NZ government, legal system, common law based. With a small population, scattered and some with a very focused agenda, there is no common movement, which is what the NZ govt wants, divide and split. I read that in the global areas, Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands are a unit. Is this correct? Also that there are Allied Military in NZ, and I believe this is so, there are DUMBs, hideouts for the elite, and FiveEyes issues to be sorted. I have enjoyed catching some of your broadcasts, and yours is a voice we could do with hearing, especially to wake people up. There is a history of NZ that is little known around the Flag, Dan Hermansen posted on "Is New Zealand a free and independent country" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=guzOgNpZn1k&feature=youtu.be it is a Greenplanetfm broadcast. Links back in history to NSW and a sovereign nation. Thanks for reading this. We need a louder and more solid voice. Getting to be a dire situation here,help please.

  2. Thank you so much for all you do! As an American living in Australia, I am devoted to assist in establishing freedom here in my adopted country, as well as in my birthplace. Where we go one, we go all. Love to everyone reading this. #FightLikeaBosi

  3. So well said Riccardo, i just hope people get off their backside, stand up and be counted.
    Because if they don't, then the authorities will eventually just walk up to our door & take whatever they want, right down to our children. Common sense says once they have our children/family then then have us, because not too many of us would sit by & watch our children be harmed. So why sit and wait till it happens, because it is too late once the horse has bolted. We need to get a movement happening, because sure a lot of people are starting to wake up, but my God there are too many who haven't a clue what the hell i am talking about. I reside in Cairns Qld and apart for a few people turning up at freedom rallies nothing else happens! If people don't start coming up with idea's on how to let people know what is going in the world, then i feel we are fighting a losing battle! The best i can do is send emails to these corrupt MPs in every state but of cause you get no response unless its just before an election!

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