When you observe Rachel Kathleen Vaughan in many interviews over the last few years, you would never have imagined that she is the daughter of a high-profile paedophile-ring leader and sadistic murderer, Allan Maxwell McIntyre (deceased since 2017), who abused, raped and tortured her and countless other children over many years. You get the impression of a very balanced, deep person with an incredible dignity about her.

Alan "Max" McIntyre's family home in Edwardstown, Adelaide, South Australia, was built above tunnels and bunkers which was how he carried out his tortures toward his own children and other kids undetected. A detailed PDF article by Rachel can be viewed here.

Many of these children (now adults) and some of Rachel's own siblings still experience deep trauma about what happened to them and remain silent. However others, including her brother, Andrew McIntyre, have come out publicly and had paedophile Anthony Monroe put away. Munroe was running orphanages in Cambodia. It took them 10 years to get him incarcerated (in Australia) when he pleaded guilty to abusing young boys in 1965 - one being Andrew (Rachel's brother). Andrew says Monroe and his father were also implicit in the disappearance (and murders) of the three Beaumont Children in 1966 at an Adelaide Beach.

Video interview with Rachel Vaughan regarding the Edwardstown underground tunnels in Adelaide, South Australia

WATCH video at this link: https://lifeforcenetwork.tv/movie/sci-fi/the-underground-world-of-the-down-under/. In this detailed interview (Part 1 of 2), Rachel speaks about the underground tunnels used by high-profile Australian men for decades, including her father, to transport these children to and from their tormentors.

Part 2 of 2 of the above interview can be found here.

Telegram site for Rachel Vaughan
Rachel Vaughan

She also speaks of what these paedophiles are trying to obtain from children - it is not merely a gross desire of masochistic depravity to hurt and rape children, but also involves accessing the child's innate psychic abilities and internal life force through some very gross, torturous measures put upon these children. This won't be addressed in writing here, but you can watch the above video to begin to understand how deep and twisted this inhumane practice goes.

South Australian satanic ritual abuse cult known as The Family

A good article was written here by Cairns News covering Rachel's disclosure regarding "The Family". According to this article, " Ms Vaughan says her father, the late Allan Maxwell McIntyre, was a serial pedophile child murderer and body disposer from “a long line of freemasons” and her grandfather Joseph Wright a lodge head. She says her father was a protected intelligence operative and member of “The Family”, which she describes as a “Luciferian, Rosicrucian and Freemasonic cult”. He was also a member of Golden Dawn, the cult of Aleister Crowley, usually described as a Satanist."

For the past few years Rachel Vaughan has been literally unearthing the evidence of her father’s history of gruesome crimes. The family’s home in Edwardston, Adelaide, is connected to a tunnel network, which she and her siblings were forced to use as part of their father’s sick, evil and murderous exploits. Adelaide’s tunnel network is well known, but not entirely. Its secret reaches are still being uncovered.

Need we remind South Australia’s freemasonic elite of the Truro murders, the serial murders of seven girls in the 1970s; the Snowtown or ‘bodies-in-the-barrels’ murders of 11 people in the 1990s; The Family murders involving the torture and murder of five young men from the 1970s to the mid-1980s, and the allegedly unsolved disappearances in Adelaide the Beaumont children. Rachel says her older half-sister Ruth saw the deceased Beaumont children in the boot of a car and this incident was corroborated by her father when he spoke to an investigative journalist in 2015.

Cairns News

Resilience of the Human Spirit against incredible odds

Rachel speaks of how her father tried to sell her soul to the devil when she was five years old. Even at that age, she was stubborn and strong-willed, determined not to let her father destroy her. During this particular ritual, she was changing her father's words in her own mind to 'my soul being given to Jesus'. Rachel says many abused children have this experience of a 'light' warming them when imprisoned in cold underground cages or rooms, and feeling an invisible but tangible comfort sustaining them through hideous tortures.

Rachel was subjected to ritual abuse, rape and cruelty, also witnessing the same being performed on other children. That she has survived unbelievable tortures shows the strength of the human spirit against incredible odds.

Excerpts from PDF entitled Edwardstown tunnel article (updated 6 Jan 2023)

In the below excerpt, Rachel states that she witnessed her own father murdering 10-year old Louise Bell, and was forced to watch him bury her in 1983. However, another man, Dieter Pfennig, was charged with the murder. Read this article regarding that story.

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